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Spirit-Led Conservation is Rooted in Storylines that Map Out the Blueprints of Spirit Hotspots, and the Spirit-Hotspot is the Source, Generator, Nurturer and Sustainer of Beings and of Life.

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We are communities of beings: (1) spirit beings, (2) matter, (3) landscapes, (4) plants, (5) animals, and (6) human individuals and groups.

We focus on the "Spirit Hot Spots" and how we humans work with the hotspots to carry out conservation across Melanesia and beyond


Restore and Document the Storylines of Melanesian families, clans and tribes according to the Laws of Nature that map out spirit hotspots:

* Explore and document stories of each clans, tribes and tribal groups,

* Weave the storylines into a larger connected storyline: the Melanesian Storyline.* 


We provide information on various projects across the Melanesian Archipelago, noted and presented by Council of Melanesian Elders from West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Kanaky.

The information is mainly presented on this website, however, we also elaborate in other related websites.

Spirit-Led Conservation means this is non-scientific, traditional way of conservation as commonly practiced by clans and tribes in Melanesia.

The Melanesian Way Conservation is Spirit-Based!

We advocate "Spirit-Led Conservation" as the Melanesian Way of talking about and doing conservation. The Melanesian Way of Conservation focuses on the source of life and concentrated on the identification and knowledge of the "spiritual hotspots" based on storyline.

This approach applies to all communities of beings. When human beings see plants, animals, matter and human beings being hosted in one particular landscape or geographical region, one should automatically realize that there is or there are some spiritual hotspots that originate, give, nurture, sustain and recover life around that require human awareness to protect and promote.

We promote "Spirit-Led Conservation" Across Melanesia: West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Kanaky.

We Are Committed To Connect the Storylines of Melanesian Clans and Ethnic Groups across Melanesian Archipelago as the Tool to Promote Organic Spirit-Led Conservation!

This website is the Melanesian Online "Haus Man, Haus Tambaran, Kunu, Mbelamu, Pilamo, Saliyap, Nakamal, ...." where all Melanesian elders, families, clans and tribes are welcome to meet, talk, tell, listen and discuss various Melanesian Storylines of the Past and Present and Melanesian dream for the future.

We Have Kept Melanesia as Green and Blue as They are Today and We are Ready to Share Our Wisdom with the World

Spirit Hot Spots

Melanesian peoples grasp, breathe and surrender to the Laws of Nature sourced from the Pulses of the Spirits inside, above, around and beyond this life we are running.

The Storylines

Storylines of life and living help Melanesian peoples to relate to self and with each other as fellow beings and to balance mind, emotions and heart with the dance of the nature.  

Storylines are the blueprints of the spirit hot-spots that connect to everything as one.

Spirit, Nature & Culture Festivals 

We celebrate our being through singing, dancing and worship.
At the same time, we protect our intellectual rights as wisdom of the indigenous Melanesians! 

Balance for Harmony

A balanced way of life facilitates Harmony to reign in life.
Naturally, balance is the key to harmony,
just the same as justice is the key to Peace!